The Halton Cooperative Purchasing Group (HCPG) Vendor Performance Program (“Program”) sets out the guidelines for managing the performance of Vendors. The Program will be administered in accordance with HCPG Procurement Operating Procedures. The Lead Agency is responsible for administering this Program. All participating agencies are responsible for monitoring and reporting on Vendor performance.


The purpose of the Program is to monitor the performance of Vendors to ensure the responsible management of HCPG contracts.

The objectives of this Program are to:
  • Ensure consistent compliance with this Program through the completion of required documentation;
  • Monitor and evaluate a Vendor’s performance against the contractual requirements and deliverables
  • Establish clear expectations and benchmarks that encourage Vendor responsibility and accountability that benefit both the Vendor and the HCPG agencies.
  • Encourage continuous Vendor improvement through appropriate corrective action; and
  • Apply appropriate penalties as per the Vendor Performance Scorecard to address shortfalls in Vendor performance.

    Vendor performance trends will be assessed over both the short and long term to provide Vendors with feedback and to facilitate continuous improvement, where required. Feedback from the user groups and HCPG meetings to the Vendor will be given through a written evaluation.
  • An example of the member feedback form can be found here